I am Celeste.

The land of milk and honey is also the land of bees and goats.

Home did you have a question?

With legs intertwined, my face contorted against his chest. Heart pounding so loud I will it to shut up. He slides his leg up mine until his knee is pressed right against my clitoris. My breathing stops being normal. I look up to his face into his eyes from my blushing face. He whips my face to the side and moves close to my ear, hot normal breath onto the lobe, he breathes in, taking that human heat away from me, and says “that booty like two planets”.

I hate those people that are like “i don’t like baths because they’re dirty” you know whats dirty? how you tricked people into thinking you’re a decent person 

Tilleke Schwarz

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The Phoenix Art museum currently has the Hollywood Costume exhibit from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and these are some of the photos I managed to sneak while security wasn’t near

Strategically shitty photography lighting was at work here. Jerks


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When you get an email like this from a patron... →


The director of an art museum forwarded this email to his staff.

[Name of Director],

Thanks for your many years of service. I visit the museum on Wednesdays after my 2-3pm counseling sessions with the vet center for my ptsd from a place called Viet Nam.

The 30 - 45 minutes I walk…

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