I am Celeste.

The land of milk and honey is also the land of bees and goats.

Home did you have a question?

I hate those people that are like “i don’t like baths because they’re dirty” you know whats dirty? how you tricked people into thinking you’re a decent person 

Tilleke Schwarz

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The Phoenix Art museum currently has the Hollywood Costume exhibit from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and these are some of the photos I managed to sneak while security wasn’t near

Strategically shitty photography lighting was at work here. Jerks


When you get an email like this from a patron... →


The director of an art museum forwarded this email to his staff.

[Name of Director],

Thanks for your many years of service. I visit the museum on Wednesdays after my 2-3pm counseling sessions with the vet center for my ptsd from a place called Viet Nam.

The 30 - 45 minutes I walk…

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